Have a Bash at Sharpening up Your Shell Scripting

Posted on: 17 November 2017

photo Dave presenting bash workshop

For this workshop we were happy to have Dave Liddament from Bristol PHP training help us out with a great introduction to terminal commands and writing Bash scripts.

The introduction on the Meetup page describes the workshop quite well:

"If your interactions on the terminal window are little more then running basic commands like cd, ls, mkdir, etc then you’re missing out on a powerful tool. Even a basic understanding of bash can give you a massive productivity boost. Script all those boring tasks you need to do, automate backups, make deployment of new versions of an application a 1 line command.

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of bash and writing scripts. You’ll learn about powerful commands like find, grep, sed, rsync. We’ll write scripts to for tasks to deploy applications, run backups and create release notes from git commit logs."


By Katja
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