Intro to HTML5 Game development and PhaserJS

Posted on: 10 March 2015

In November of 2014 Jeff Schomay ran a HTML5 games workshop, in which he demonstrated how to make a Shooter game with PhaserJS.

Jeff covered a lot of code in this session, and ended up with a very slick game.

Phaser website image Jeff Shooter Game with Phaser

Jeff has published the tutorial on his site, you can find the steps to create the game here:

Part 1 – Setting up the player and world
Part 2 – Power up the player’s ship
Part 3 – Adding enemies
Part 4 – Pacing
Part 5 – Boss level!

As an additional treat, Richard Davey, the creator of Phaser, was at the event to answer questions about Phaser. He talked about the day to day development work, creating games for the BBC, the challenges of testing, the beginning of Phaser and its upcoming features and products built on it (Cbbc's Technobabble Game Maker and a new version of Scratch).

If you are interested in updates to Phaser you can read about its development on Richard Davey’s blog

By Katja
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